Pam’s #ArmedWithABingo 2020 Reading Challenge || Hosted by Kriti and Ariel

I’m a MOODY READER. Which is mostly why I RARELY join readathons and reading challenges and pick blog tours that would give me ample time to read the book.

I may have been excited about that book enough to be interested to join, but it’s unpredictable for me whether I’d would still be in the mood to read that book in the near future.

But this year, my good friend Kriti from Armed With a Book, together with Ariel from (@ariel_reads on Twitter), launched Armed With a Bingo.

The concept is easy: Kriti and Ariel picked 24 prompts and laid them out in a bingo card. Readers can choose what books they want to read that will go into these prompts and can even get a chance to win in giveaways just by participating in quarterly check-ins.

Know more about the challenge and get your personalized bingo card here: #ARMEDWITHABINGO. Sign-ups will be open until March 15.

Again, since I’m such a moody and indecisive reader, I chose to put AT LEAST 2 books in almost every prompt – this way, when I’m not in the mood to read the first book, I can just pick the other books included in that prompt.

Here’s a copy of the bingo card with the prompts:

And here’s my bingo card that I filled in with the books I’m planning to read based on the prompts given:

Another thing I like about this challenge is that anyone is allowed to suggest or work on different prompts that aren’t in the original 24. We just need to inform Kriti and Ariel regarding the change.

See? Not much pressure!

How about you? Are you participating in any reading challenge this year? What are your reading goals or resolutions? I’d love to hear them!

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